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Fostering is very rewarding.  Opening your home to a couple needy felines will definitely fill your soul and warm your heart. Our rescue is completely comprised of foster homes - so we could definitely use your help! All you need is  a spare room, bathroom, laundry room, office or basement and we set you up with the rest! We provide all the necessities like food, litter, veterinary, etc. - you just provide the space and the love! Worrying about becoming a foster failure? Don't worry, we cut you off after you adopt 20 - just kidding! But seriously, sometimes fostering can be hard, especially to say goodbye, but we assure you - there are many cats and kittens that need your help! 


PetSmart in Greensburg graciously allows us to keep our cats and kittens in the adoption room in store.  In order to keep our cats there, we must maintain them by having volunteers visit twice a day.  This can be challenging as most have work schedules and other commitments, so there is always a need.  If you think you can spare an hour or two once a week to be added to our schedule, we would greatly appreciate your help! Duties include some light cleaning and some play/snuggle time with our fabulous felines. 


Being just a network of volunteers, who also have full time jobs, paperwork can sometimes go by the wayside.  We can always use help organizing and maintaining our records and websites. We can also use assistance with processing applications and answering emails and phone calls. 


Wayward is known for throwing some awesome, successful events! We owe that success to our awesome volunteers who love to plan and execute great ideas.  We can always use assistance in planning, organizing and preparing these events - as well as help of the day of.  If you have some great ideas to fundraise, please contact us! 



Looking for ways to help?!? 

We can always use an extra hand! 

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Whether its scooping litter boxes, fostering or clerical work - we appreciate any help we can get! 


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